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The All-in-one Concept

Keyword Magic

  • Get 2 000 000 keyword ideas using one seed keyword
  • Find long-tail keywords
  • Observe keywords’ click potential
  • Get semantically related keywords & use grouping to segment them by topic

Keyword Analytics

  • Analyze the competition level for any keyword
  • Discover phrase matches – longer search terms that contain the keyword you queried
  • Get related keywords, including common misspellings and topically related search phrases
  • Estimate keyword difficulty
  • New17 mobile databases added

Domain Analytics

  • See a full list of keywords any domain is ranking for in Google's top 100
  • Observe any domain's positions in search results

Domain vs. Domain

  • Compare yourself against rivals to see who's ranking higher for the most-searched keywords in your niche
  • Identify rivals' keywords you're not ranking for so you can add them to your content
  • Add up to 5 domains for the comparison

What You Get as a Result

The All-in-one Concept

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Visibility for a wider range of search queries

Increased web traffic

Better rankings in search results

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