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Best SEO Software

Best SEO Software

Best SEO Software

Our Audit Tool's Key Principles


Get lightning fast results on your website's health in one click


Get a clear picture of technical issues and keep track of all changes with detailed PDF and CSV reports


Customize your SEO audit to your needs with adjustable check exclusions and individual check filters


Monitor your site’s health 24/7 and get SEO audit reports on demand, not on occasion

Top-12 In-Demand SEO Checks and More

  • Duplicate content
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Low word count
  • Broken links
  • Slow page load speed
  • HTTPS implementation issues
  • Missing title tags
  • Missing meta description
  • Missing h1 tag
  • Incorrect hreflang implementation
  • Images with empty "alt" tags
  • Nofollow attributes on links

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Complete List of Our SEO Checks

internal link is broken external link is broken page doesn't have title tags page has duplicate title tags page has duplicate content issues page returned 5XX status codes page couldn't be crawled page couldn't be crawled (DNS resolution issues) external image is broken page returned 4XX status codes internal image is broken page couldn't be crawled (incorrect URL formats) page has duplicate meta descriptions robots.txt file has format errors sitemap.xml files have format errors wrong page found in sitemap.xml page has a WWW resolve issue page has no viewport tag
page doesn't have meta descriptions page has a low text-HTML ratio page has a low word count homepage does not use HTTPS encryption page has more than one h1 heading page uses Flash sitemap.xml not found page has 302 redirects image doesn't have alt attributes page has a slow loading speed page has too short text within the title tags page has too long text within the title tags page is lacking language declaration page doesn't have declared encoding page doesn't have doctypes declared page doesn't have an h1 heading page contains frames page has underscores in the URL internal link contains nofollow attributes sitemap.xml not indicated in robots.txt page has too many on-page links page has too many parameters in their URLs page has duplicate content in the h1 heading and the title tag
page blocked the SEMrush crawler The URLs on page is too long external link contains nofollow attributes Robots.txt not found

Take Advantage Of Useful Integrations

Identify the top-viewed pages of your website that have issues and find out how to fix them.

Turn any discovered issue into a Trello task in one click.

SEOquake users can easily connect to Site Audit and get a list of issues discovered on their website’s pages right in the browser.

Get an all-in-one SEO solution!

SEMrush Site Audit Tool is just a little part of a big SEO tool

Position Tracking

Check your keywords’ positions in SERPs on a regular basis, analyze the history of rises and drops, control your site’s visibility level on the diagram. Perform as many Position Tracking queries as you like for a fixed amount of keywords and always stay on track to the top of the SERPs!

Backlink Audit

Discover and disavow toxic backlinks before Google penalizes you. Find all your backlinks using Search Console integration, discover and remove potentially dangerous backlinks and keep your backlink profile clean with regular recrawls.

On Page SEO Checker

Get a list of ideas for your domain in terms of keywords, backlinks, UX and more, based on your successful rivals’ strategies. Find and fix technical issues to ensure the best crawlability and indexability for your website.

... you’ll also get many other great features that will take your site to the TOP:

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